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sneeci.com - your #1 destination for all your Sports, Music, Movies, Television and Entertainment content daily - with an integrated and interactive social-society, where you chat, blog and share your similar interests, likes, memories and passions with others - all dedicated to sports, music, movies, television and entertainment. Access all of your favorite entertainment, music, videos, pictures, articles, information and events to view, select and download. Browse over 100,000 catalogs to conveniently purchase goods/products and services in our variety of catalog-collections within our Marketplace Shops.

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The "SNEECI" name is an acronym for:   Social Networking Entertainment E-Catalogs Information

WHAT WE DO:     A Fully Integrated and Interactive Multi-Media Entertainment Experience

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SOCIAL NETWORKING FORUMS  -  The Social Media Entertainment Platform of the Future

Our social media community is a user friendly entertainment platform. As a community member you will enjoy chatting, sharing articles and videos with friends & other members who share your similar interests, likes, love, passions and memories all related to sports, movies, television and entertainment venues.

Search videos of your favorite sports legends, music idols, movies icons, tv stars and entertainment celebrities in current content and video archives.

Social members get additional special member benefits that include;  Discounts, Deals, Cash Rewards, Savings, Gifts, Games, Apps, Poker, Odds, Flash Sales and unique Auctions.

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Real-Time Video feeds of your favorite; sports, music, movies, television and entertainment videos. On-Demand and updated to the minute where you can view and search your favorite sporting event, athlete, team, concert, musician, artist, movie, actor, actress, tv show, tv star, realty star/ show or celebrity and the list goes on and on. Future enhancements currently in development include Live-Streaming Events includes by not limited to; sporting events, concerts, movies premiers, television shows and entertainment venues - all at your fingertips.

E-CATALOG SHOPS MARKETPLACE  -  Offering: Convenience - Choice - Pricing

There are over 100, 000 catalogues to choose from when purchasing products, goods and services all related to Sports, Music, Movies, Television, and Entertainment Venues. Our Top-Brand Shops provide convenience, wide variety of selection, competitive and discount pricing to choose from. Always feel free to browse our shops and view the assortment of; Merchandise, Gear, T-Shirts, Hats, Jerseys, Memorabilia, Apparel, Tickets, Sporting Events, DVDs, i-Tunes, Music Downloads, Albums, CDs, DVDs, Concerts, Movies, Collectables, Local Movies, TV Shows, Classic Box-Sets, Celebrity Goods, Computer Games - and much much more...


Real Time media feeds keeping you up to date with current headline news in: sports, movies, movies, television and entertainment.

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