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We are now accepting offers from individuals and corporations who want to become part of the Dreamworld Entertainment Group Inc. investment team, including strategic partnerships and ventures.

Contact us today for consideration and a private confidential meeting to discuss this exceptional business opportunity. We are extending investment options to credible and financially sound individuals and corporations.

Investor Relations Contact:
Mr. Stuart Katcher: spk@DreamWorldeg.com

We offer a variety of advertising and sponsorship platforms to choose from. Contact us today to learn more about our dynamic programs, including three months free with annual engagements.
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Advertising Programs
Ad positioning elements include but are not limited to:
• Home Page
• Login Pages
• Entertainment Landing Pages
• Social Networking Forums
• Entertainment Platforms
• E-Commerce Catalogues
• Information News Media Content
   and more!

Join our sponsor/partnership program. We partner with our sponsors like no other company, offering a return on your sponsorship investment providing stock ownership. This program creates a special relationship with our sponsor/partners.

Program Outline:
Our sponsorships programs increase your company visibility and brand awareness through our online multi-media entertainment platform. These programs are directed for specific visibility and goals according to your target market(s) and budget. Sponsors will enjoy the benefit of having selective placement on multiple ad pages and much more!

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